About Us

Rebel Vapes is an independent E cigarette shop located in Hull City centre.

REBEL VAPES is an independent family run business that aims to provide the best service possible by offering E Cigarettes/Vaporizers, oils and accessories  at a low price. Our ever increasing range caters for beginners through to advanced sub/ohm and moders.

As ex smokers of around 50 a day EACH my brother and I have now gone without a cigarette  for almost 2 years!!


With the ever increasing cost of cigarettes, the bans on smoking in bars and other public places (and the constant nagging from wives/girlfriends about our health) we finally decided to try something else, we had previously tried all the conventional methods like patches/gum etc without much success, then we tried using electronic cigarettes (you know the ones, little plastic tubes made to look like a cigarette) as you can imagine if you have ever tried these, I was  unsuccessful, this was probably due to the fact it felt nothing like smoking, were difficult to get hold of at the time and cost almost the same amount as smoking!! so when the new E-cigs or Vaporizers (which ever name you prefer) came out I was  sceptical to say the least and quite reluctant to try them, however after receiving my first basic sets of vaporizers and oils as a gift from my wife I  have never looked back! I can of course only speak for myself but I feel I can breathe easier, have an increased sense of smell, and my general health feels better all round, and there's also the bonus that I now smell like cookies, strawberries, bubble gum or even custard.... all nice things instead of an ashtray!
so 2 years on from getting my first sets of vaporizers I have opened REBEL VAPES, a small family run independent E cigarette shop located in the centre of Hull (yep, that escalated quickly) and I want to help others to give up the demon fags just like my brother and I did (along with making a living of course) which is why we offer the best products we can at the best prices we can so that vaping is available to everyone, whatever your budget, whether you're wanting to come off the cigarettes for your health, to save money, or you're part of the ever growing Mod culture, we will have something of quality to suit your pocket. Shop Now!


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